Founded in 1981, TOKÇALAR MAKİNA has expanded its fields of activities to include industrial testing systems, consultancy and training services in the automotive and machinery sectors.

Our test systems produced for all automotive components, especially in vehicle seats, carry out force and vibration life and durability tests. With the flexible programming interface, expandable and modular hydraulic, electrical and software systems, axis structure and apparatus. Our test systems enables different tests to be performed in one platform in accordance with the norms.

Automated reporting, automated report sending by email, predictive quality, test traceability functions support Industry 4.0. Our company burdening the design, production and software inhouse with a holistic mechatronic perspective offers solutions suitable for your requests. Offers optimum solution and customer focused service for your requests.



We present the entire product of optimum mechanical design, fine construction with hydraulical, pneumatical or servo actuators, user friendly and flexible software interface. We design with computer aided tools and analyses software.

We realize the tests ECE-R14, ECE-R16, ECE-R80, ECE-R44, Direktive 76/115/EEC, FMVSS-207, FMVSS-209, FMVSS-210, FMVSS-213, FMVSS-225, ECE-R21, ECE-R58, ECE-R93, ECE-R73, 89/173/EEC, ECE-R66, ECE-R111 and ECE-R107 norms and regulations.