Energy Dissipation Test System

 enerji dağılım test sistemi tokcalar Enetji dağılım Test Sistemi yazılımı

Test specimen

  • Automotive seats
  • Automotive seat headrest
  • Automotive components

  • Test standards

  • ECE-21 and FMVSS-201

  • Standard functions

  • Capacity: 2 proper accelerators each of which has scale of +/-500g
  • Filters in appropriate with SAEJ211 and ISO6487 norms as well as CFC 60, 180, 600, 1000 filters
  • An external velocity measurement equipment for maximum speed
  • Automatic calculation of the time values over 80g
  • Time stamped automatic folder creation
  • Time stamped automatic foldering of the tests
  • Analyses of the previous dated tests
  • Flexible connection of the test specimen for three DOF
  • Initial calibration of the sensors
  • CE declaration
  • Training videos and detailed documentation
  • Remote diagnostics thru internet connection

  • Options

  • Matching the test values, graphs and video automatically recorded by the camera connected to the test PC
  • Finalizing the test, automatic report generation and sending on email
  • Screen mirroring of test PC screen to an external TV thru Wifi connetion